Part of our mission at Project Management for Today is to inspire Project Managers to change the world through our profession. This not only includes providing the multitude of articles and videos on that provide the means for each of you to execute your projects more efficiently, but it also includes inspirational stories.

We want to tell more stories where great outcomes were achieved. Behind every Moon Landing, Cure, or Technological Leap there was a Project Management Professional leading the charge. These individuals may have taken many different titles and roles, including that of a Scrum Master, a Project Manager, or a Program Manager. But at the end of the project, they used the very best of Project Management methods and practices that led to an achievement of a significant advancement.

I am enlisting the help of Project Management for Today’s thousands of readers to help us find this type of author to join our Contributing Author Program. Help connect us to an individual who has managed a Project or a Program that resulted in a Newsworthy outcome and is willing to share a project management professional’s perspective on it.

But what qualifies as a newsworthy project and how is someone qualified to write about it? 

In general, a newsworthy project is something that has been achieved and is newsworthy beyond our profession. Examples include:

  1. Leading the effort to engineer a notable structure, such as a cruise ship or a notable piece of architecture (skyscraper, innovative building, etc.)
  2. Achievement of the implementation of a new technology such as a hugely popular software program or a new type of robotic.
  3. A lifesaving or life extending medical treatment.

You get what I am talking about right? You were involved in something big. It has likely been reported in headlines within popular publications.

What qualifies you to write about the newsworthy story?

  1. The outcome was achieved.
  2. You provided project-related leadership needed to achieve the outcome. You may have been a Project Manager associated with one of the workstreams or you were responsible for the end-to-end program.
  3. You are authorized to share details about your experience.

You might be reading this, and you may not fit into this set of criteria. That’s fine! My only request to you is to think about your network. You may know someone who qualifies. If so, Like AND Comment on this article and tag the individual on your comment. If this individual’s article about their Newsworthy project gets published, then we will contact you and send you a $25 Gift Card to Amazon.

If you believe you are the individual we are looking for, then review our Contributing Author program (Link). This program has clear benefits. For example, by joining the Contributing Author program, you are joining a community of some of the top thought leaders in our industry who will challenge you to grow in our profession. Also, Project Management for Today will provide editorial and digital support services for your articles. Additionally, we will share a portion of the revenue produced by each article with you in perpetuity. Finally, you will experience the satisfaction of helping to maintain your personal brand by becoming one of our very successful Contributing Authors.

As always, thanks for reading this article. More importantly, thanks for considering my request. Every profession needs inspiration to thrive and being able to share inspirational stories with the rest of our industry will be one of the ways that will continue to advance our profession. These types of articles will serve to remind us that as Project Managers, we all can achieve great things!


Tell me your thoughts in the comments and let’s open a dialog. I would be excited to hear other opinions on this topic.

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Karl Hallgrimsson

Karl Hallgrimsson

Co-Founder: Project Management for Today

Karl has worked in many different organizations over his 18+ Year career. These organizations include TeleTech, IBM, DaVita, and Hewlett Packard, Inc. He has served as a change agent in each organization, either by building up strong operational rigor in PMO's, or by greatly improving an organization's Analytics capability. Karl's contributions to this site provides practical recommendations suiting a variety of environments, which will be best suited for readers who are interested in updating their Analytics, PMO Operational, or Portfolio Management capabilities.
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