Author: Alyce Reopelle

It Does Not Stop at Gathering Feedback

Often, we look to the questions that would be asked of employees in order to collect feedback on three specific areas: resistance to change; communication issues; and crisis management. This article is about growth and obtaining feedback from employees as it relates to resistance to change, communication issues and crisis management. Below we examine questions that can help obtain the feedback and hopefully it will help you obtain the feedback you desire and provide you ways to act on it.

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The Project Team: How Do You Appreciate and Value Them?

This article looks at an important task in their projects, appreciating their project teams. As humans appreciation is built in as we all like to know we are bringing value. As adults, our experiences are important to us, and they should be important to others. This gives you ways to show that value and appreciation to your teams and wondrous things can happen.

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Perfecting the Art of Better Business Requirements

Ever wonder what it takes to gather good business requirements? Well, sometimes the answer is the person who knows nothing about the product. This article discussed how sometimes the person who is not the subject matter expert can actually get to the heart of the requirements.

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Important Leadership Skills Needed for PMO Growth

Often when one thinks of a PMO, they think about the processes and governance that guides the project managers.  The leadership that is required of such an organization is often a second thought, and at times not considered at all.  This article is going to look at the type of skills one would hope to have within their PMO, as well as the what it takes for a person to transition into that type of role.

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