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So, You Say You Are a Project Manager…So What (Part 4)

This is a question we have heard for many years.  Many people do not seem to understand that there is a difference between doing just certain things, and doing end-to-end (E2E) project management.  The way we view E2E is that it involves the change management process where you also take care of the changes that are happening to people, processes or technology and ensure communication and planning is completed around it. 

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So, You Say You Are a Project Manager… So What (Part 2)

The PMO, a simple word that has been seen to bring about anger and mistrust in some people.  For others, it is a barrier stopping them from doing what they want to do.  Either way, in every organization there must be an understanding of what the expectation of the PMO is.  A PMO will be different things in every organization.

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So, You Say You Are a Project Manager – So What! – Part 1

So, you say you are a project manager…so what?  First, let me say that these articles will not be politically correct, and are only a small part of a larger book that I am writing.  I tend to be direct, but what I state is the opinion of many, and the best and worst practices I have seen in over 20+ years of experience.  These articles, or the book, are not meant to be a training manual, but more of a reminder of what I have seen as best and worst practices, and encourage the continuous improvement in the skills that many of us take pride in.

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PMOs Cannot Be Built

To me, a PMO cannot just be built and left to run on its own accord. It is a continuous improvement project that must be grown. But more importantly it must be grown to fit within the culture and environment of the organization. Too many times I have seen organizations build a PMO only to tear it down, or end up rebuilding it. However, when you plant the seed of an apple tree and you nurture that seed it grows and the branches naturally spread out and it bears fruit. I look at a PMO the same way.

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2017 CAMP IT Conference – IT PMO, Program and Portfolio Management

The main reason I prefer CAMP IT Conferences over others is that they are very focused.  CAMP IT also has conferences that focus on other areas such as IT Infrastructure/Operations Management, Enterprise Risk/Security Management, IT Leadership Strategies, DR/BC Resilient Infrastructure, Business Intelligence/Big Data/Analytics, and even Data Breaches Preparing and Responding.

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Framework Purists and the Damage They Can Do

With over twenty years of managing projects, I have always struggled with why organizations determine the framework that a project will be managed by.  Every project is different so why do organizations continue to try to fit the proverbial square peg into a round hole?  Then, an organization may bring in a vendor to try to help them implement other frameworks and introduces a vendor that is focused on scrum as an example.  This vendor comes in and without understanding the organizational structure, the culture, the processes that are in place, or the actual work that is being done dictates to the organization that they must stop everything they are doing and do it “their way”.

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How to Make a Methodology a Reality

This topic usually will prompt a debate.  What is a methodology and what makes it a reality?  In my opinion, a methodology does not occur until a project framework is infused with the cultural aspects and environmental factors of the organization.  Many times, I have seen this conversation come up within organizations and professionals alike on which methodology to use:  waterfall, iterative, agile scrum, agile extreme programming, hybrid.

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The Cost of Risk Management Ignorance

Risk Management, we have all heard those words, but why do some organizations appear to either ignore or not care about the cost that can be associated with risk management?  In my opinion, risk management is an important part of any project framework, whether using traditional frameworks such as waterfall or agile approaches. 

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The Role Culture and Environment Plays in a PMO

One of the challenges that I see organizations struggle with is how their culture and environment fit within a PMO that is established or being implemented.  In this author’s opinion, this is the first mistake.  The culture and environment should not be forced to fit within the PMO, but the PMO should align with the culture and environment of the organization.  So what happens to get this out of alignment?

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