Author: Bill Holmes

What do you value?

While the focus in projects tends to be on technical issues such as Earned Value, Risk Management, Precedence Diagram Method, etc., projects are run by people! Math is math, but effective leadership is usually the difference between a failed and a successful project. This is the first in a series focused on the science of leadership.

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This has been done before??

The PMBOK is the accumulated knowledge of the Project Managers (PM) that have gone before you. It is based on the scientific method as things are tried and either retained, adopted or disposed of! Observation is used to scan the environment for new tools, techniques and areas of emphasis. Many organizations train their project managers and make sure they are certified, then refuse to put the practices in the PMBOK into practice!

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Everyone Loves a Hero!

Everyone loves firemen! We should admire and reward those brave men and women who put themselves in harms way to protect us! But what about the people responsible for the fire? If the fire hadn’t been started, then there would be no need for the firemen and no opportunity for heroics. We all agree that preventing the fire is a better option than putting it out after it is started. That is why we don’t reward the people responsible for starting the fire! Except in Project Management…

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Why do I need a lawyer? I’ve got the Internet!

Data as a Service. Cloud computing. Machine learning.
These and other advancements are profoundly changing how organizations are functioning, but many haven’t realized the transformation is under way. People should be paying attention because these changes will have a direct impact on their work life.

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