Author: Don Clarke

From Project Management to PMO – Where Do I Start?

I decided it would be good to write an article on my personal structure for a PMO Development Roadmap, with some insight into why I believe certain functions need to happen in a specific order to achieve maximum success within your PMO.  Please realize that many steps can be developed concurrently, while some really should be developed into a functional state before you begin developing the next function or service offering of the PMO. 

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Are You A Differentiator In Your Personal Brand’s Success

If you have been reading the articles here on Project Management for Today very long, you are aware that one of our primary goals is to provide a community resource that allows for Contributing Authors to develop their personal brand. The shared promotion of each other’s articles and other content increases the readership for all members of the community. Personal Branding has become an area that I have been doing a lot of reading about and I have been working on the development of my own personal brand over the last couple years.

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