Author: Sriram Rajagopalan

How to make meetings add benefit and engage stakeholders?

A successful meeting is one that is not held when not required or focused completely on adding value by realizing benefits through managing outcomes. How many meeting will one have if the meetings are billed back to the project, program, portfolio or product for all the people attending? This article focuses on the leadership required for the meeting organizer to think through those outcomes before having a meeting.

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Awesome project management is the heart of a successful product management

On many of my training sessions on the traditional and agile project management and in certification preparation classes, one question always comes up on the scope of career growth for project management as a profession with the increased focus on agile principles. It seems like most of the Scrum focus on product owner and scrum master without calling for a project manager role appears to have stirred up a concern on product management. So, is product management going to kill project management? What will become the role of a project manager in an agile setting?

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