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Project Management Value, Need, and Why it was Invented

Find out why and when project management was created. How did this lead to you being a project manager or business savvy leader. Why businesses need you and why they need to value us. But we are the ones who have to prove our value show we are responsibility and communicator to gain respected as the go to person.

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Are You Theory X or Y?

What does your organization think about its employees? Do they believe that people are high achievers that just need infrastructure, management support and freedom to achieve? Or do they believe that every aspect of their job must be managed, controlled and approved? For the Project Manager, the organizational bias is a crucial piece of information that will shape how they deliver their project!

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It Does Not Stop at Gathering Feedback

Often, we look to the questions that would be asked of employees in order to collect feedback on three specific areas: resistance to change; communication issues; and crisis management. This article is about growth and obtaining feedback from employees as it relates to resistance to change, communication issues and crisis management. Below we examine questions that can help obtain the feedback and hopefully it will help you obtain the feedback you desire and provide you ways to act on it.

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Negative Expected Value in Project Management

Peter Thiel funded a lawsuit against Gawker Media to take down a menace to society. He used a negative expected value calculation to move forward with the trial. The same calculation can be used to terminate a cancer on your team. Identify, dismiss, and reexamine are the three steps along with the negative expected value calculation that can be done during the termination process.

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7 claves de colaboración del exitoso PMOfficer

Una de las claves en los éxitos como PMOfficer es lograr la coeción y colaboración con los equipos de trabajo tanto internos como externos.
En este artículo queremos compartir lo que consideramos las 7 Claves de Colaboración del exitoso PMOfficer.

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Agile Transformation and the Danger of “Gotchas”

This article looks at some of the areas that are often forgotten about when an organization stars to go through an agile transformation. Don’t let these “gotchas” get you.

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Do You Work in a Dictatorship?

The Project Manager is charged with providing structure at the beginning of the project, and part of that is guidance on how decisions will be made. This is a crucial point and shouldn’t be overlooked even if varies based on the level of the organization it is being applied to.

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What does your team see?

Why does a project manager need to worry about leadership? Isn’t it true that projects are focused on charts, graphs, schedules, projections and risk assessment? Those activities are accomplished by people, and if the project manager isn’t a good leader the project probably won’t be successful. Leadership can be taught, and looking at the work of Bruce Tuckman is a great place to start.

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