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Let’s do one metric and see what happens!

In this article I explain the commonly used KPIs and Metrics that take your PMO into a progressive improvement mode by combining Management by Objectives with Project Management Methodology. With PMOps™ framework you can transform you basic delivery centric PMO into a fully operational strategic planning department and leave your Application Management teams to concentrate on their roles.

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How to ensure Project success: Interpretation

Could it be that the heart of Project Management rests upon a model of Interpretation? Should we take this concept even further and say that the entirety of human interaction is based upon Interpretational modelling? That what we perceive through aural, visual and written communications is, in fact, our interpretation of our perception or indeed a preconceived notion?

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Elegir el tipo ideal de PMO para nuestra organización. Mito 1

Este es el primero de una serie de ocho artículos que basados en nuestra experiencia compartiremos y desmontaremos lo que consideramos los 8 mayores mitos por los cuales fracasan nuestra PMO, nos enfocamos principalmente cuando se plantea implementar por primera vez en una organización . . .

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8 falsos mitos que provocan el fracaso de tu PMO

Analizaremos desde nuestra experiencia, encontramos múltiples causas y algunas son muy comunes en la gran mayoría de las organizaciones por las cuales una PMO puede fracasar.

En esta ocasión compartiremos y desmontaremos lo que consideramos los 8 mayores falsos mitos por los cuales fracasa nuestra PMO principalmente cuando una organización se plantea a crearla por primera vez .

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Is Project Management Obsolete?

Is project management obsolete? I don’t think so but I do think that there is a need for the project management profession to “reinvent” itself in order for the project management profession to remain vital and continue to grow in a much more uncertain environment that we live in today.

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How actually RACI supports competitive operational excellence

This article introduces patterns to recognize in effectively using RACI with strategic and operational governance, succession planning, and project success.

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Why do I need a lawyer? I’ve got the Internet!

Data as a Service. Cloud computing. Machine learning.
These and other advancements are profoundly changing how organizations are functioning, but many haven’t realized the transformation is under way. People should be paying attention because these changes will have a direct impact on their work life.

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What is PMOps?

As part of my new PMO re-design PMOps™ (Project Management Operations office) introducing one new metric at a time and once we see the adoption moving towards improvement, in other words, Management by Objectives, we introduce another. It’s like Capability Maturity on steroids.

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Agile Transformation: What Really Changes to Unlock Powerful Results (Part 2)

If we’re willing to change how we work, our teams can create more value than we ever imagined. This article reviews five changes beyond autonomy that allow teams to improve the way they deliver to the organization.

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