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Time to Mix it up: Agile Methods in a Waterfall World – Part 1

As technology continues to grow and change, the waterfall process in hardware product development has not been able to keep up. Using a blended approach, otherwise known as a Hybrid process, allows organizations to bring innovative products to market. The Agile transformation journey starts with this mindset.

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What Do I Get for $1,000,000? The Need for Benefits Management

Many projects are executed well but stakeholders view the project as a failure. The problem isn’t that the team had squandered the organization’s money, or that they were inefficient at managing projects. The issue isn’t that the team, though great at managing the project, didn’t know how to manage the benefits and expectations of the project. Using simple tools and techniques to focus the projects on benefits, rather than mere indicators, will help a project be successful.

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Simplifying Earned Value Management – Part 1 – 7 Steps of Organization

Before you start building an earned value management system you’ll need to start with your organization. Organization consists of 7 small simple steps that build the foundation of your earned value management system.

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How to Start an Analytics Organization: People vs Technology

I was flattered when I was recently asked how I would build up an Analytics capability within a medium-sized business that was just about to kick off operations. This particular organization had nothing in place. Whoever oversaw putting this organization together was truly starting from scratch.

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You take care of the Scope and Schedule, we’ll take care of the money!

Many organizations spend a significant amount of time identifying and assessing risk, however management and contingency reserve are often misused.

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Mitigate! Mitigate! Mitigate! Wait, I can do something else??

Projects must move forward in the face of risk! “What is your Mitigation Strategy?” may be one of the most overused questions in Project Management. Your Risk Response Strategy may include mitigation, but that is only one possible choice.

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Cloud Development – How to manage using Agile?

Cloud-based software development definitely changes how project managers need to approach their projects and lead their teams. Cloud development is not the same as traditional software product development and requires a unique mix of traditional project management and agility. Project managers considering working on cloud-based projects need to read what author has to say.

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Collaborative Project Management: Here are 5 Tips to Improve Them Further

A project manager is occupied with various tasks while working on an ongoing project. They have tasks to delegate, track the progress of a project, work with different teams to get features implemented, communicate with clients, and so on. In so much haste and burden, it gets a bit difficult for them to constantly collaborate with different teams and clients at all times.

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