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Project Management Value, Need, and Why it was Invented

Find out why and when project management was created. How did this lead to you being a project manager or business savvy leader. Why businesses need you and why they need to value us. But we are the ones who have to prove our value show we are responsibility and communicator to gain respected as the go to person.

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Let’s do one metric and see what happens!

In this article I explain the commonly used KPIs and Metrics that take your PMO into a progressive improvement mode by combining Management by Objectives with Project Management Methodology. With PMOps™ framework you can transform you basic delivery centric PMO into a fully operational strategic planning department and leave your Application Management teams to concentrate on their roles.

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Are You Theory X or Y?

What does your organization think about its employees? Do they believe that people are high achievers that just need infrastructure, management support and freedom to achieve? Or do they believe that every aspect of their job must be managed, controlled and approved? For the Project Manager, the organizational bias is a crucial piece of information that will shape how they deliver their project!

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Los 5 consejos anti-estrés del PMOfficer

Cuando estamos de vacaciones lo que realmente queremos es estar de “vacaciones pero de verdad no de mentirijillas”! .

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Agile Transformation and the Danger of “Gotchas”

This article looks at some of the areas that are often forgotten about when an organization stars to go through an agile transformation. Don’t let these “gotchas” get you.

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Do You Work in a Dictatorship?

The Project Manager is charged with providing structure at the beginning of the project, and part of that is guidance on how decisions will be made. This is a crucial point and shouldn’t be overlooked even if varies based on the level of the organization it is being applied to.

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How to ensure Project success: Interpretation

Could it be that the heart of Project Management rests upon a model of Interpretation? Should we take this concept even further and say that the entirety of human interaction is based upon Interpretational modelling? That what we perceive through aural, visual and written communications is, in fact, our interpretation of our perception or indeed a preconceived notion?

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Elegir el tipo ideal de PMO para nuestra organización. Mito 1

Este es el primero de una serie de ocho artículos que basados en nuestra experiencia compartiremos y desmontaremos lo que consideramos los 8 mayores mitos por los cuales fracasan nuestra PMO, nos enfocamos principalmente cuando se plantea implementar por primera vez en una organización . . .

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8 falsos mitos que provocan el fracaso de tu PMO

Analizaremos desde nuestra experiencia, encontramos múltiples causas y algunas son muy comunes en la gran mayoría de las organizaciones por las cuales una PMO puede fracasar.

En esta ocasión compartiremos y desmontaremos lo que consideramos los 8 mayores falsos mitos por los cuales fracasa nuestra PMO principalmente cuando una organización se plantea a crearla por primera vez .

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3 Important Factors for Success in an Agile Organization

Agility in an organization doesn’t mean giving up on planning processes entirely. Instead, it’s about making sure that there’s enough space in your current strategy for your business to evolve and change direction according to the ever-evolving needs of the market, and the customers within it.

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This has been done before??

The PMBOK is the accumulated knowledge of the Project Managers (PM) that have gone before you. It is based on the scientific method as things are tried and either retained, adopted or disposed of! Observation is used to scan the environment for new tools, techniques and areas of emphasis. Many organizations train their project managers and make sure they are certified, then refuse to put the practices in the PMBOK into practice!

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How actually RACI supports competitive operational excellence

This article introduces patterns to recognize in effectively using RACI with strategic and operational governance, succession planning, and project success.

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