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Simplifying Earned Value Management – Part 2

In developing a plan for a project there are many considerations and constraints that require evaluation and attention. Among these are: resources, project stakeholders, technical execution, sequence of activities and their interdependencies, estimation of the time each activity will take using a risk based approach and other project variables that commonly occur on projects. Documenting this plan and establishing a baseline to measure future progress against is fundamental when apply an Earned Value Management System.

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Los 5 consejos anti-estrés del PMOfficer

Cuando estamos de vacaciones lo que realmente queremos es estar de “vacaciones pero de verdad no de mentirijillas”! .

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Risk

Let’s face it, the world is a more complicated and scary place nowadays. Often the difficulty with developing a business contingency process is to know just how to start! Dada provides you here a contingency process that can be used by a company to develop and maintain a viable contingency planning program for their IT systems.

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Agile Transformation and the Danger of “Gotchas”

This article looks at some of the areas that are often forgotten about when an organization stars to go through an agile transformation. Don’t let these “gotchas” get you.

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How actually RACI supports competitive operational excellence

This article introduces patterns to recognize in effectively using RACI with strategic and operational governance, succession planning, and project success.

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Why do I need a lawyer? I’ve got the Internet!

Data as a Service. Cloud computing. Machine learning.
These and other advancements are profoundly changing how organizations are functioning, but many haven’t realized the transformation is under way. People should be paying attention because these changes will have a direct impact on their work life.

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How to Start an Analytics Organization: People vs Technology

I was flattered when I was recently asked how I would build up an Analytics capability within a medium-sized business that was just about to kick off operations. This particular organization had nothing in place. Whoever oversaw putting this organization together was truly starting from scratch.

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Wait for it…. Wait for it… Risk Will Take Care of Itself!

Many project managers are optimistic about the ultimate outcome of their projects, however that optimism can work against them if applied in the wrong circumstances.

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You take care of the Scope and Schedule, we’ll take care of the money!

Many organizations spend a significant amount of time identifying and assessing risk, however management and contingency reserve are often misused.

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Mitigate! Mitigate! Mitigate! Wait, I can do something else??

Projects must move forward in the face of risk! “What is your Mitigation Strategy?” may be one of the most overused questions in Project Management. Your Risk Response Strategy may include mitigation, but that is only one possible choice.

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Collaborative Project Management: Here are 5 Tips to Improve Them Further

A project manager is occupied with various tasks while working on an ongoing project. They have tasks to delegate, track the progress of a project, work with different teams to get features implemented, communicate with clients, and so on. In so much haste and burden, it gets a bit difficult for them to constantly collaborate with different teams and clients at all times.

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