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Los 5 consejos anti-estrés del PMOfficer

Cuando estamos de vacaciones lo que realmente queremos es estar de “vacaciones pero de verdad no de mentirijillas”! .

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Risk

Let’s face it, the world is a more complicated and scary place nowadays. Often the difficulty with developing a business contingency process is to know just how to start! Dada provides you here a contingency process that can be used by a company to develop and maintain a viable contingency planning program for their IT systems.

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7 claves de colaboración del exitoso PMOfficer

Una de las claves en los éxitos como PMOfficer es lograr la coeción y colaboración con los equipos de trabajo tanto internos como externos.
En este artículo queremos compartir lo que consideramos las 7 Claves de Colaboración del exitoso PMOfficer.

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How to ensure Project success: Interpretation

Could it be that the heart of Project Management rests upon a model of Interpretation? Should we take this concept even further and say that the entirety of human interaction is based upon Interpretational modelling? That what we perceive through aural, visual and written communications is, in fact, our interpretation of our perception or indeed a preconceived notion?

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Time to Mix it up: Agile Methods in a Waterfall World- Part 2

Agile transformation in your organization will be a journey and its adoption depend on the entire ecosystem in which it will operate. Applying the Agile based principles is certainly one of many ways to address your company’s challenge to compete and bring valued products to the market at a fast pace. It does not have to be a daunting task – It is the combination and coexistence of both Agile and Waterfall methods that makes the hybrid method very appealing for hardware product development. This is a step in your Agile journey and certainly the Time to mix it up !

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Time to Mix it up: Agile Methods in a Waterfall World – Part 1

As technology continues to grow and change, the waterfall process in hardware product development has not been able to keep up. Using a blended approach, otherwise known as a Hybrid process, allows organizations to bring innovative products to market. The Agile transformation journey starts with this mindset.

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This has been done before??

The PMBOK is the accumulated knowledge of the Project Managers (PM) that have gone before you. It is based on the scientific method as things are tried and either retained, adopted or disposed of! Observation is used to scan the environment for new tools, techniques and areas of emphasis. Many organizations train their project managers and make sure they are certified, then refuse to put the practices in the PMBOK into practice!

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How actually RACI supports competitive operational excellence

This article introduces patterns to recognize in effectively using RACI with strategic and operational governance, succession planning, and project success.

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A PMO that works for Success

How to leverage PMOps™ organizational structure to better utilize your enterprise application efficiency. Using this blended organization structure you can really develop a cohesive application support team that will drive process improvement and overall collaboration to deliver a fully optimized application portfolio to your business partners.

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