The Contributing Authors Program is a core concept for this Community, and there are a variety of benefits and services that we will provide the Authors in our effort to support the development of each Author’s personal brand.  Below are the current benefits and services provided.

Benefits of the Contributing Authors Program

  1. We provide your infrastructure and work to drive traffic to your content:  Our commitment to our Contributing Authors is to provide the publishing environment for your content, and we will work with you to assist in editorial reviews prior to publication.  We are looking to continue to expand our services to provide custom graphic development, as well as marketing support to increase your readership.
  1. Tools to make you successful:  We provide access to private Slack Channels and Trello Boards for communication and planning of articles and publication schedules.
  1. Community Support:  As the Community continues to grow, we will continue to expand our offerings, allowing Contributing Authors to share more than articles.  Consider the possibilities, such as the need for new templates for your PMO, or help working on processes or methodologies.  To provide these features, as well as Community involvement in the development of offerings, are all part of our future roadmap.
  1. Grow with us:  As the Community grows, we have plans to move into driving speaking engagements for the Community.  Webinars on specific topics are already being planned.  Expanded content and members-only content and opportunities are part of our future.



The Contributing Authors Personal Website Program is a key benefit of being a Project Management for Today Contributing Author.  We provide you with the ability to have your own personal website, that can publish just your articles on.  This site can publish are a more frequent schedule than the rotation on the main site.  We provide a variety of services at a greatly reduced cost to our Contributing Authors

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PMforTODAY Webinar Services Opportunities

Project Management for Today, can provide you access to our Webinar Services Account, for an additional fee, and host / facilitate a dedicated webinar just for your or your site. We are excited to offer this service to you at a very reasonable fee for our services.

Webinar Services

  1. PMforTODAY will host your webinar up to 100 people.
  2. We can assist in planning and facilitating your event
  3. We can provide marketing services as well as access to our PMforTODAY Mailing List

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