1. Why become a Contributing Author at Project Management for Today?

The primary reason is “Community”. Everyone is here for the same reason. We are working on the development of our Personal Brand, and working together as the Project Management for Today Community, we have the opportunity to increase our knowledge, skills and the reach of our message.

2. What is a Personal Brand?

  1. Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personal-branding concept suggests that success comes from self-packaging.
  2. Marketers McNally and Speak define the personal brand in this way: “Your brand is a perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you, that describes the total experience of having a relationship with you.”

Source:  Wikipedia

   More Information about building a Personal Brand Page


3. Who owns the articles and content I submit to be published on Project Management for Today’s Website?

Simply put, the original author maintains ownership of the intellectual property of all content submitted for publication on the Project Management for Today website. Every Contributing Author is required to sign an agreement that clearly defines the ownership of the content, but it also provides the Project Management for Today site with the rights to publish the content you provide on the site for the life of the Contributing Author’s Agreement. When you terminate the agreement, your content is removed from the site.

4. What does it cost to become a Contributing Author on the site?

At this time (4/2017), there is no cost to the Contributing Author to join the Project Management for Today Community. In the design of the Community and the Contributing Authors Program, there will always be a no-cost program to allow for the development of a personal brand through the publication of content on this site.

5. What are the benefits provided to the Contributing Authors?

a. We provide your infrastructure and work to drive traffic to your content:  Our commitment to our Contributing Authors is to provide the publishing environment for your content, and we will work with you to assist in editorial reviews prior to publication. We are looking to continue to expand our services to provide custom graphic development, as well as marketing support to increase your readership.

b. Tools to make you successful:  We provide access to private Slack Channels and Trello Boards for communication and planning of articles and publication schedules.

c. Community Support:  As the Community continues to grow, we will continue to expand our offerings, allowing Contributing Authors to share more than articles. Consider the possibilities, such as the need for new templates for your PMO, or help working on processes or methodologies. To provide these features, as well as Community

6. What does the future of Project Management for Today look like?

As the Community grows, we have plans to move into driving speaking engagements for the Community. Webinars on specific topics are already being planned. Expanded content and members-only content and opportunities are part of our future.

7. Will every article I submit be published on the site

The Editorial staff of Project Management for Today does not guarantee that every article you submit will be published on the site. While it is our goal to have a very limited degree of restrictions, and to have a variety of opinions on every topic, there are times were we may choose to decline or delay an article for various reasons. Should that happen, we will do our best to explain why we chose to delay or decline the article.

8. I already have a blog where I distribute my articles. What would I gain from becoming a Contributing Author at PMforToday?

What you would gain from joining us is another outlet for your content, and since we don’t ask for exclusive or even new content, it’s another way to share your knowledge with different people. Your content could be valuable to our audience as an additional resource for their learning and education as part of their journey to build their personal brands.

9. I can just publish my content on LinkedIn. What would I gain from becoming a Contributing Author at PMforToday?

What you would gain from joining us is access to additional support with getting your articles noticed after they get published. We provide guidance and support throughout the article creation process, including editorial support and support to get images added to your articles. After your article is published we provide Search Engine Optimization as well as a full marketing program including marketing to selected LinkedIn groups and statistics on your articles. You are fully supported when you publish with Project Management for Today!

10. Will my sites Search Engine rankings degrade if I provide duplicate content to Project Management for Today?

The short answer to this question is that there are a variety of opinions on this topic.  We believe that the use of “Canonical Tags” on the articles will prevent any degradation of Search Engine rankings for specific articles that are cross-posted on various sites.  Here are PMforTODAY, we support the use of Canonical Tags in the publishing of our Contributing Authors Articles, and will insert this tag onto your articles as requested.

For more information read the article below

3 Myths About Duplicate Content – Philip Storey

11. Do I get paid anything for providing articles to be published on Project Management for Today?

CA Payment Slide


  • Contributing Authors receive a portion of PMforTODAY’s monthly revenue, based on a tiered payment system.
    • Authors graduate through this system based on the number of articles they have published.
    • Authors monthly earnings are based on the number of total views that Authors have attracted with their articles, based on the payment tier they are in during that payment period
  • Minimum Payouts: You receive a payout when your account hits $7.50
  • Reporting: Authors will receive a statement by the 5th business day of the month via email with your account value with payments disbursed by the 6th business day
  • Payments will be disbursed via PayPal: Please ensure that the email address we have on record is valid for PayPal.
  • Only Available to Our Contributing Authors: This program is only available to our Contributing Authors and is NOT open to our guest authors
  • Program Details Subject to Change:  We reserve the right to alter the details of this program as needed following 30 days of written notice of the changes to each of you

12. You offer all these services for Free. How does Project Management for Today generate revenue so it can exist?

Currently, our Management Team funds the operations of PMforTODAY.  We do generate a small but growing revenue stream from our ad placement within the articles on on the site.  We generate a small amount of revenue for each ad that is displayed and more if the ad is clicked by a visitor.  We have several long-term revenue models in development that will continue to help support our organization and long-term growth, as well as new features and services that we will provide.

If you are interested in becoming a Contributing Author in the Project Management for Today Community

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