One of the core concepts behind the development of the Project Management for Today Community is the development of a “Personal Brand”.  The development of a Personal Brand is the driving force behind the role of a “Contributing Author” on this site.  One aspect of sharing your knowledge, and letting people get to know who you are is through sharing articles you have written.

The role of “Contributing Author” provides you an opportunity and an outlet to publish your articles.  This opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences is one step in the development of your Personal Brand.  This opportunity allows Contributing Authors to share their knowledge in a structured manner, without the costs and effort associated with creating your own online blog, or limiting your audience to just LinkedIn or other networking sites.

One of the first questions we are always asked when we discuss this role is if we are going to tell people what to write, or limit the articles to just content we agree with.  The answer to this question is very simple, and is at the very core value of this role.  That answer is emphatically a NO!  Let me explain why.

At our core, we want to develop a community that shares knowledge.  Knowledge that is one dimensional does not bring unique and various experiences to our community.  We want differing opinions and experiences.  We want to learn different ways to be successful in our roles as leaders, as well as learn from the successes and failures of others who have done this before.  There is never just one way to lead or just one way to do anything.  We have to be open to new and varying ways to accomplish any task.

Now, in doing this, we need to remember one very important aspect to the success of this ideal, which is that we all have to RESPECT the views and opinions of others in the community.  All conversation has value if it’s done with respect for others in the conversation.  The only time that the leaders of this community will shut down any conversation or discussion is if it crosses the line into being disrespectful to the members of the community.  Aside from that, we encourage variety and discussion on any topic that betters the community as a whole.

Project Management for Today is looking for Project Management Professionals that are interested in helping to grow our community.

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