PMforTODAY Community Member Program

Project Management for Today, is a rapidly growing online Community of Practice for Project / Program and PMO Leaders, and is please to share our new “PMforTODAY Community Member” program.

The PMforTODAY Community Member Program is a group of like-minded Authors, Speakers, and Groups / Organizations that are committed to the development, growth, and expansion of the greater Project Management Community of Practice, through the sharing of knowledge, on a wide variety of topics that engage and empower Project, Program, and PMO Leaders.


Community Directory


Membership Criteria

  1. Community Membership Criteria
    1. Partners are required to be a Contributing Author or Guest Post Author who contribute a minimum of 1 article per month to maintain their membership
    2. Partners would need to display the PMforTODAY Community Member Logo in a prominent location on their websites, and include link to PMforTODAY Community Member Landing Page
      1. Logo size must be no smaller then 175px by 175px in size
      2. Logo must be displayed on the Community Members Primary Site’s Homepage

Membership Benefits

  1. Members Benefits – at no charge
    1. Promotion of Member Site activities to the PMforTODAY Community
      1. Newsletter Advertising
      2. Direct Email Message Promotions
      3. LinkedIn Group “Featured” Message
    2. PMforTODAY Events Calendar
      1. Posting of Community Member events at no fee on the PMforTODAY Events Calendar
    3. Directory of Community Member Sites
      1. PMforTODAY will provide an online directory of Community Member sites, with logos, details and links to the site.
    4. Participation in PMforTODAY Sponsored Events
      1. Webinars / PM Roundtables
      2. Speaking Opportunities
    5. Cross Community Relationship Development
      1. Working with other members of the Community to promote each others content and services
  2. Members Benefits – Fee Based
    1. Webinar Services
      1. PMforTODAY will host your webinar up to 100 people.
      2. We can assist in planning and facilitating your event
      3. We can provide marketing services as well as access to our PMforTODAY Mailing List
    2. Website Hosting Services
      1. Primary Domain –
      2. Sub-Domain –
    3. Marketing Services
      1. The PMforTODAY Community will work with our Partner Members to develop and share marketing efforts in the promotion of content provided by our Community Member Sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did you create the PMforTODAY Community Member Program?

Many of our Contributing Authors have their own websites and are looking for additional opportunities to promote those websites in the development of their Personal Brand. The PMforTODAY Community Member Program was developed in response to that opportunity. This program allows PMforTODAY to provide additional services to our PMforTODAY Community Members, as well as to take the opportunity to extend the PMforTODAY Brand to a greater audience. We can also provide services and tools to our Community Members that they may not be able to afford at this time in their Personal Brand Development.

2. I see articles on your site about Agile, Process Improvement, Leadership, Service Management, Change Management, all areas that are not just the basics of Project Management

a. Correct! PMforTODAY is not rigid about any specific methodology associated to Project Management or the larger and more integrated views of Project Management that do incorporate Change Management, or Service Management into projects and project methodology. b. We believe that the different areas and methodologies need to coexist and engage for the successful delivery of any project engagement. Not taking the “Human Element” or “Change Management” impacts into consideration in your project plan is a sure path to major project delivery issues. c. The same goes for determining the correct methodology for project delivery. Does it have to be a rigid “Waterfall” or “Agile”, or can it be a hybrid approach, that is contextualized to work within the environments that are impacted by the deliverables of the project?  That is a discussion that we want to stimulate.

3. Do you limit members to just Project Management or PMI aligned Project Management sites?

PMforTODAY is not associated with the Project Management Institute (PMI) in any fashion. That said, we support the mission of the PMI Organization, and all that it has done for the broader Project, Program, PMO leaders and community.


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