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PMforTODAY: Project Management for Today is a group of Project Management Professionals who have come together to share our skills, capabilities, and growing knowledge among ourselves and our peers in the greater Project Management Community.  Over time, we have learned that we are better together than we are apart, and that the more we share our knowledge, the better we all become.
Our Purpose
The Purpose of the Project Management for Today Website is to develop a community of Project Management Professionals that can share knowledge about how their Project Leadership skills are used TODAY.  We have all discovered that how we managed projects 20 years ago is different from how we manage projects today.  We are expected to be more nimble, move faster, deliver with lighter methodologies and always be “Agile”.
The goal of the team here at Project Management for Today is to bring value about how to be successful in today’s fast-paced business environments.  We come together to share knowledge and experiences about how you take the skills you have learned over your career and contextualize them to be successful today.  For example, you will find content showing how you can change your PMO’s Project Deliver Life-Cycle so that you can deliver your projects successfully in a lighter, process-driven methodology.
Take a moment, read some of the articles and engage in the conversation.  We are all better when we share our skills and capabilities with each other.  Help us build a community of Project Leaders that take their skills and abilities to the next level through the shared knowledge that makes us all better in the end.
So, Welcome, Enjoy, Share, and I wish you success in your Project Management activities!


Don Clarke – Administrator
Project Management for Today – https://pmfortoday.com


Karl Hallgrimsson – Administrator
Project Management for Today – https://pmfortoday.com

Management Team - PMforTODAY

The Management Team for the Project Management for Today Community consists of Don Clarke, and Karl Hallgrimsson.  As the Co-Founders of this Online Community of Practice, they continue to lead the Mission, Vision, and Direction of this community.  

Working with a group of Strategic Advisors to help guide the Community Development, they strive to provide a place for people to share knowledge and grow as practitioners.


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Contributing Authors - PMforTODAY

The Contributing Authors Team are the backbone of the Project Management for Today Community.  The community exists to help this group develop their Personal Brands by providing resources and services that allow them to build and grow their Personal Brands without the personal capital investments necessary to build out all the required infrastructure and marketing efforts.  


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Guest Post Authors - PMforTODAY

Project Management for Today, (PMforTODAY) provides an opportunity for other companies and individuals to share their knowledge and blog articles on our site in the form of a “Guest Post”.  While this does not provide the same benefits and opportunities as a full Contributing Author, we welcome the contribution of these individuals into our Community of Practice.


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PMforTODAY Community Members Program - PMforTODAY

The PMforTODAY Community Member Program is a group of like-minded Authors, Speakers, and Groups / Organizations that are committed to the development, growth, and expansion of the greater Project Management Community of Practice, through the sharing of knowledge, on a wide variety of topics that engage and empower Project, Program, and PMO Leaders. 


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